CPIS Online Program Admission Procedure

Registration Period

Admission of G7-G12 student to California Prep International School Online Program is from January to May of the year provided the student meets the admission and academic requirements. However, English Language Development student may enroll or join anytime of the year.

Registration Process

Step 1: Download the student online application form and contact the Admission Office for appointment.

A. Download the Student Application Form.
B. Contact the Admission Office
[+66 (0)36 358 714]
[+66 (0)81 257 5455]
[+66 (0)86 137 2377]

Step 2: Meet the appointment with the Admission Office and complete the following:

  • Online Placement Test and Interview.
  • Personal Essay #1 (350 to 450 words)
  • Video Essay #2 (300 to 400 words)
  • Video Conference: Parent & Admission Committee.
  • Submission of Requirements.
 Basic Requirements for Online Non-Thai & International Student:
  • Completed Student Application Form
  • Three recent color photographs (1 by 1 inch)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of House Registration if residing in Thailand
  • Student’s Current Medical Certificate
  • Official Transcripts from the present year and the previous 2 years with the Grading System
  • Copy of passport
  • Other proof of legal status in Thailand if in Thailand
  • PSAT (G7-G10) or SAT scores (G11 & G12)
  • Three e-recommendations from Math, English, & Science teachers
  • Parent Online Questionnaire filled out
  • Copy of parent’s other applicable visas if employed in Thailand
  • Letter of verification from corporate sponsor, if parent’s employer will pay for ACIS fees.
  • Copy of parent’s passport photo page with non-immigrant visa/work permit
  • if in Thailand
  • Contact Information outside and inside of Thailand
  • Non-refundable Application Fee of 75$ US
  • Special Requirements for  Thai or Dual Thai/Expat nationals:
  • Copy of student’s Thai Household Registration and Thai National ID card
  • Copy of expatriate parent’s passport photo page if the student is applying as a dual national
  • Copy of student’s expatriate passport photo page if the student is applying as a dual national

Step 3: Register as an official student.

A. Complete the registration process with the CPIS Finance Office.

Step 4: Complete the student orientation procedure.

A.    E-Orientation with a new student assigned an “e-buddy”.
B.    E-Learning Procedures for Middle and High School students.

Please note that the online student applicant can be officially enrolled only upon completion of all requirements and registration process. Furthermore, all submitted documents must bear the same full name of the student applicant. Otherwise, if the expectations are not satisfied it means delayed enrollment and a waste of time.

ESL / ELD students joining the English Enhancement Program (EPP) are exempt or not required to have SAT.


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