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California Prep education encompasses the whole spectrum of a person’s experiences and practical realities in this life and even in the hereafter. It embraces the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions to the maximum development possible. In its broadest sense, it even attempts to merge and connect the ordinary minds to the loving Infinite Designer/Spirit to become extra-ordinary young visionaries. Thus, its curriculum integrates natural laws, spiritual values, dignity of man, and success principles. The impact to society will be immeasurable and tremendously irresistible.

Moreover, California Prep education recognizes individual differences and that everyone deserves to be respected and loved for his/her happiness. Regardless of the depth of human degeneration, each student is viewed as a positive potential for goodness and truth that spans eternity. From the backdrop of the conflict between Light and Darkness, California Prep education offers something different from others as regards to the teaching strategies and broad curricular delivery that identify and/or close the student learning gaps. Finally, it endeavors to instill in each student that “something better” and elevates him/her to the highest ideals in relationship with fellowmen and the Ultimate Designer.


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