California Prep International School (California Prep or CA Prep or CPIS) was co-founded by Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana (Ph.D.) and Dr. Adelino Libato (Ph.D.) on November 14, 2010.

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California Prep is committed to the harmonious development of the whole person for student excellence in academics, character/personality, useful service, and global citizenship. Moreover, it intends to continue its tradition of being among the first two complete e-learning international schools in Thailand which were pioneered by the California Prep Team. California Prep stresses the Core-subjects (Math, Science & English plus Business) with e-Learning plus Talent Development and Self-discipline/Values. The ultimate target is character development with positive attitude and love to mankind and the Most Powerful Spirit or Creator God.

It would have been impossible for California Prep to survive without God's blessings and unimaginable synergy through the family of the late Mr. Bhai Khan Mariam Pongswang. The unwavering support and generosity of the said family through Khun Malinee (Khun Chit), Dr. Hataishanok (Dr. Nok), and Khun Manuschanok (Khun Nat) made the new strategically located campus at Kaeng Khoi (Saraburi) possible. This 17-rai campus and its renovated buildings just perfectly match the vision and dreams of the founders.

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Among the first School Board members were Dr. Hataishanok Pongswang, one of the directors at Mitrapap Memorial Hospital; Khun Pom Polcharoen, shareholder of Thongsomboon Club; and Dr. Gideon Samson, Investor representative from CA, USA. Among the first leading personnel of California Prep were Nuengnalin Tawinno, M.A. ongoing (Deputy Director for Operations & PR); James Barrett, M.A. (Deputy Director for Curriculum); Nuttida Intasong, M.A. (Registrar); Jongrak Phenglia, M.A. (Librarian); Russell Rollan, M.A. ongoing (Middle School/High School Head); Ajarn Jidapha Tawinno (Cafeteria Head); Michael Alcaide (IT Administrator); Alex de Guzman, M.A. (IT/elearning consultant).

Other Pre-Construction Pioneers: Michelle Alcaide; Daniela Assimiti; Charity Libato, M.A.; Mervin Gallo; Wichuda Jongjit; Del Libato; and Janet de Guzman, M.A. (Elementary Level Consultant); Meenawan Kadeerak, Anuwat Kadeerak, Celedonio del Rosario, Charidel Libato, Olga Sorokina del Rosario, & Bhahanan Jongjit.

Post-construction pioneer teachers/staff of California Prep were: Juby Arceo, & Pichit Thanthra. Moreover, some personnel were also granted honorary pioneer status such as: Bernie Bugaay (part-timer), Roland Ladrido, Daniel Ramos, Ganee Escondo, Arlene Gabida, and Aysha Abdur Rahman.

At the pioneering years, Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana served as the School Director and Licensee while Dr. Adelino Libato served as the Board Chair and Vice-Director for Academic Administration.

CPIS Online Program

California Prep International School (CPIS) will be adding a new challenge and service component to its management. Under the CPIS wings, the new CPIS Online Program or internally dubbed as Asia Cyber International School (ACIS) will begin its operation in full capacity in August 2020 employing the same academic calendar as CPIS. From March 2020 until May 2020, the CPIS OP or ACIS online teaching system had been launched and pilot-tested to insure efficient delivery that satisfies the expected quality output. The goal is to refine and polish the CPIS OP curriculum delivery in such a manner that the academic standards learned or mastered by the students of ACIS can equal or even surpass that of the CPIS traditional delivery.

With its online teaching modality, CPIS OP is a brain-child of Dr. Phakdee and the CPIS team with the purpose of reaching out as many as possible Asian youth who have no opportunity to acquire quality education due to their varied circumstances in life such as a super remote location and high-risk situations. This new online international school will attempt to model all the contextually best practices of CPIS and the top performing PISA schools within the last three years. However, the difference is that CPIS OP curriculum system will be delivered either as a complete online curriculum as in the case of students outside Thailand or as a hybrid modality (50% as online teaching and 50% as traditional model) for the B and A students of CPIS.

CPIS OP will be using the CPIS curriculum (written, delivered, and learned or assessed) which is based on the California Department of Education (CDE) curriculum in the USA. The emphases of the CPIS OP curriculum will be identical to CPIS such as, but not limited to: the core subjects, technology, Character/Virtues, Self-discipline, English with special skills in speaking and essay writing, critical thinking/problem solving, and Talents development. To put it all with clear-cut clarity, CPIS OP and CPIS will reflect identical mission statement, standards, and school-wide learner outcomes (SLOs).

The CPIS OP faculty will be of a multicultural composition including the current teachers of CPIS; CPIS consultants, former teachers, and qualified friends from around the world; and the current teachers of American Prep International School (APIS) in Hat Yai, Thailand. APIS was established a little more than 3 years ago as a branch of CPIS. Currently, APIS has more than 100 students from Kinder to Grade 6 with teachers from Europe, USA, South Africa, and Asia. APIS campus is situated at the heart of the beautiful Hat Yai city.

The CPIS OP or ACIS founders, Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana and Dr. Adelino Libato, will be personally overseeing the ACIS operation which will be split into two divisions such as the High School Division (HSD or Upper Online Division) and the Elementary & Middle School Division (EMSD or Lower Online Division). Ajarn Shane Patrick Cumbertson (MA ongoing) from California, USA while Dr. Jay Zamecnik from Slovakia will be leading the EMSD. Ajarn Shane was a former journalist in California, USA while Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Washington, USA. Moreover, the CPIS Online Program website is taken care of by Joshua de Guzman, IT (MTA certified). CPIS Online Program Google Certified support team trainers:  Alex de Guzman, Mhike Alcaide, Janet de Guzman, & Aaron de Guzman. 


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