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Our school uses the California Department of Education (CDE) curriculum. The reason is obvious. California appears to have similar contexts to Asia in the sense that there are many non-native English speakers living there. The mixture of cultures and people from various nationalities in California provide a setting that’s closer to Asia. In fact, the CDE curriculum has a Language Development component which may be equated with the ESL program in many international schools.

Moreover, many parents in Asia and/or Thailand still look up to America as a model for excellence and prestige. This perception will continue to prevail even in the next few years. Undeniably, when it comes to great inventors, America has produced a lot of them. This may be due to the emphasis on creative imagination and problem solving skill. In addition, USA is still considered as the leading economy of the world with its unbeatable military power which may be attributed to the superiority in technology and scientific leaps.1585748038521

It should be noted that the written CDE curriculum is delivered with the contextual considerations. The school does not just uproot the CDE curriculum and transplant it here in our contexts. Our qualified and experienced teachers, most of them are MA degree holders, have been trained professionally to ensure that the environment is supportive and caring to boost the student learning. This environment is enriched with various student activities such as field trips, retreats, camping, cultural celebrations, and others. Our curriculum delivery is normally supported with e-learning modality and mastery learning approach with student-centered paradigm.

Our academic model underscores our three-pronged emphasis such as: Core subjects with IT; Self-discipline or Self-control; and Talent development. These are our niches and we want to be known as the best on these three dimensions plus a BIG NO to smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Our high school streams include the following: Business/English; Business/Computer; and Math/Science. However, those seniors whose GPAs don’t qualify may be granted the General Diploma. It may take years and years to fully deliver and fulfill the mission statement. But we will get there!

Our broad curriculum (beyond the written one) may be squeezed and the delicious juice that will come out is balanced education. It implies something more beautiful that the traditional emphasis of head, heart, and hands. To our level best, we dream that our students may develop mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually/morally. This will be done from standpoint of multiculturalism where everybody is accepted, respected, tolerated, and loved regardless of religious affiliations, nationalities, and colors. In brief, we want our graduates to be among the best or better than the rest.


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