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CPIS Online Program amidst COVID-19


During the pandemic of COVID-19, most schools are closed. Governments of several countries have allowed schools to teach online. California Prep International School (CPIS) is one of the many schools that have opened to offer classes online. CPIS is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and by Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA). CPIS Online Program offers G1-G12.

Online School Advantages



Online learning is accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet or smartphone.



Students can take part in the online school from any location where they can get an internet connectivity.



The tools and resources that can be offered from within an online classroom have been proven to be effective. Presenting teaching materials in this way allows students to have greater control over how and when they access them. This implies that they can take full control of their own learning experience and increase their likelihood of success.



Going to school can be daunting for many teens. Peer pressure and social drama can be overwhelming. When teens feel anxious about going to school, the quality of their learning can be compromised.



Students can learn from the comfort of their home. It means that there are no travel costs in online learning.

CPIS Online Students & Success Criteria

CPIS Online is for Grade 6 to Grade 12 students who are passionate about life and learning with positive perspective in life. Grade 1 to Grade 5 are also offered but only for highly screened students with high parent's commitment. They are students who go beyond expectations and enjoy facing challenges as well as problem solving and critical thinking. Online modality is definitely not for mediocre students. To be a success in an online learning, students must pass with flying colors the following criteria:scilab 12

1. A & B grades in the current and previous courses or subjects

2. Possess high diligence and passion for learning

3. Demonstrate well-disciplined life with time-management skills

4. Have high-intermediate English proficiency level

5. Pass the PSAT (for G7-G10) and SAT (G11 & G12) minimum required scores

6. Pass the ACIS “MES” Entrance Tests (Oral, Essay, and Objective)

7. Must meet the overall CPIS admission policy which is the minimum requirement

Academics & Curriculum

Academics & Curriculum

The ACIS online courses are designed for customized high-engagement with contextually insightful and relevant academic contents. These are intricately tailored as evidenced by the COLPEX which is an acronym for course outlines, lesson plans, and examinations or assessments. All online teaching methods and strategies are geared to attain the mission and the expected schoolwide learner outcomes (SLOs). To sum up briefly, all students who will leave the virtual portal of CPIS OP or ACIS will be capable of demonstrating soft and hard skills in life such as: critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, oral & written communication, interpersonal, persuasive logic, contextual flexibility, team player, positive attitude, always go-beyond-expectation, and more.

Curriculum Delivery Style

Curriculum Delivery Style

The CPIS OP or ACIS curriculum delivery style can be described as Non-traditional, Online, Seminar-style, and Flipped uniquely hybridized and blended in real time with the targets in mind of having balanced and holistic citizens as graduates. To inspire the talented students in Asia and even beyond to think out of the box who will stand with confidence for the truth, justice, principle, peace, and love for all mankind which is rooted in the love of the Divine.

Denied Applicants

Denied Applicants

Applicants may be denied admission due to some valid reasons. However, if they are seriously insisting to seek ACIS admission regardless of what it takes, then, the parents must write an appeal letter of reconsideration. Denied students who intend to pursue their studies at ACIS will be advised to take enhancement courses or put in the Interested-Waiting-List (IWL) as among the future priority applicants under consideration. After some months of remedial or tutorial support.

Rare Admission

Rare Admission

ACIS will have difficulty admitting the Elementary and Grade 12 students. If ever there are applicants in those grade levels, students will have to undergo super strict screening. Surely, in those grade levels, ACIS will have very rare admissions. Nevertheless, excellent applicants may be given a chance to prove themselves if they readily hurdle all the admission criteria.

Rigorous Curriculum

Rigorous Curriculum

Online students residing in Asia will have to join the online class which curriculum will be delivered synchronously. Students outside of Asia are also welcome to join so long as their time can healthfully accommodate the Asia ACIS schedule or school hours from 9 am to 4:30 pm. However, applicants residing outside of Asia may have to wait for a break-even number of applicants from their region. This will be determined by ACIS in regard to the regional timing in coordination with the country director. Furthermore, it must be noted that any Remedial and Tutorial courses will be delivered asynchronously with individualized attention or small-group approach.

Student academic & personal support

Student academic & personal support

ACIS has administrators with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees who have been trained with biblical counselling techniques. Faculty members undergo professional development training of at least twice a year as scheduled in the months of January and August. Heavy emphasis is given on strategies in building up and supporting student. Topics that are usually covered include EQ, Classroom Management, Effective Teaching Strategies, The Value of Procedures, The Qualities of the Best Teachers, and other relevant stuff.

Moreover, ACIS will be appointing regional coordinators and team-instructors in various sections of the world to give ready assistance to any student who may be needing help. Undeniably, some teenagers have high and low swings in their emotions. Hence, it is intentional that ACIS wants to build a supportive and vibrant online community which may be augmented with special online events. This may create ripple effect that challenges the youth to stretch their intellectual powers, involve in more significant pursuits, develop commonsense approaches in life, and to positive ways in solving the nuts and bolts storms of life.

Test Placement

Test Placement

The student placement model will be dependent upon the academic capability or ability of the student after weighing the Entrance Tests and other requirements. Thus, age and grades from the previous or current grade level will not be the basis of the student placement. However, should a student be placed below his age level or grade level, he/she has the option to appeal for a Challenge Test whenever ready. A Challenge Test is also available for a double promotion as per CPIS policy. Academic Readiness, therefore, is the key to admission and placement of any ACIS applicant.

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